The History of Emoticons

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Emoticons are Emoticons are absorbed into bahasa Indonesia which means emotion. Emotion or emotional is an overflow of feelings which are grow and recede in a short time. The feelings are caused by any physiological, psychological and certain circumstances such as happy, joy, sadness, compassion, anger, and many more. This emotional language used in the form of symbols ’emotion’ called smileys derived from the word meaning smile or frequently also referred to as emoticons which is derived from emote word ’emotion’ and ‘icon’ or ‘symbol’. Emoticon is a symbol or combination of symbols in the form of a written text composed.


Emoticon was born long time before the mobile phones and the internet are found. Emoticon first appeared in a book National Telegraph Review and Operators Guide, which was published in the US in April 1857. In the guide book, documented in Morse code symbols expressed the ‘love and kisses’ in a letter the telegraph. In 1963, an artist from Massachusetts USA named Harvey Ball created a smiley face, which became very popular at that time until now. It’s very simple but funny; a circle of yellow eggs, with two black dots representing eyes and a curved line upwards depicts a smiling mouth. Lately, the smileys into graphical represented of the emoticons. About two decades later, Scott E. Fahlman, use emoticons for the first time, in an electronic message via a computer network in 1980. A professor from Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh United States proposes a marker that online messaging which is now called chat can be taken. Fahlman suggested that participants who used the electronic discussion 🙂 symbol as a sign for the posts means jokes. While signs 🙁 used for posts which must be taken seriously. By the time, the sign 🙁 is used to express a sense of disappointment or sadness. The time run, the employees of Xerox Company had been expanding and creating many new emoticons.

Emoticons usage

  • Emoticons are ideas and new innovation objects which are not creating conflict in the society. It can be seen from the increasing number of emoticons are evolving and users

  • Emoticons are the innovation products which are easy to learn. The people need more imagination to understand the meaning of the emoticons.

  • This new discovery is useful for the human life. Emoticons are very useful in the delivery of the message, expressed feelings of the author of the message without translating into sentences or statements.

  • The new discoveries about various emoticons create some satisfactions to the people in society. The existence of emoticons is a satisfaction that can be reached for the people who sent message because they don’t need to worry to say the emotion with long sentences.

  • The results of innovation are developed and distributed by the competent people. Competent people are those who are able to represent smiley and people who understand the electronics and internet use.

  • The ideas and the new objects of innovation supported by the sponsorship of local community members. Emoticon sponsored by the emoticon itself. Every time people sent text using emoticons, there will be more emoticons that widely known.


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