Shraddha Kapoor Will sing in Rock On 2

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The famous celebrity,the actress who get lot for fame from the movie Aashiqui 2  will sing in the upcoming movie Rock On 2.For singing purposes she is working really hard of her vocal and spend daily many hours to increase the beauty of her voice.She is also playing the role of star in the movie Rock On 2 and she is happy that she will sing her on songs in the movie which make her comfortable. Shraddha Kapoor singing will give more beauty and quality in the movie according to the directors of the movie.Shraddha Kapoor is also signing many films in the up coming year and will keep singing for the movies as she think that her voice give more beauty in the movies.According to Shraddha Kapoor Aashiqui 2 is the movie which gives her fame and she wants to get more fame in the coming years because of her work.

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