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Qandeel Baloch murdered by her brother , strangled as act of “honor” he says.

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Qandeel Baloch or else known as “Pakistan’s Kim Kardashian” Was Killed Cold Blooded by her own Brother

MULTAN: Popular social media celebrity Qandeel Baloch has been killed in Multan, becoming the latest victim in the spate of “honour killings” that plague the country.

The 26-year-old, who is popular for posting risque videos and statements on Facebook, was killed by her brother, Regional Police Officer Sultan Azam said on Saturday.


What was the few things she posted on her social account?

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Her Last FB Status
Qandeel Baloch Last FB Status

Request for security ignored

Three weeks ago, Qandeel had written to the interior minister, the director general of the Federal Investigation Authority (FIA) and the senior superintendent of Islamabad asking them to provide security to her and has requested action against those who made her identification documents public via social media.

Her Brother who Killed her over "honor"
Her Brother who Killed her over “honor”, a man that shows no remorse after doing such low egoistic act of selfishness and idiocy

Who is Qandeel Baloch?

Qandeel Baloch ; March 1, 1990 – July 15, 2016, born Fouzia Azeem Urdu: فوزیہ عظیم‎, was a Pakistani model, actress, feminist activist and social media celebrity. Wikipedia

Born: March 1, 1990, Daska, Pakistan
Died: July 16, 2016, Multan, Pakistan
Height: 1.61 m
Nationality: Pakistani
Spouse: Ashiq Hussain (m. 2008–2010)

Baloch, who became famous through her tireless self-promotion and suggestive “selfies” posted on social media, had amassed tens of thousands of followers.

“Nothing is good in this society. This patriarchal society is bad,” Qandeel had said in a recent interview with Images.

In one of her last Facebook posts, Qandeel reiterated her unapologetic approach: “No matter how many times I will be pushed down under… I am a fighter, I will bounce back.”

“Qandeel Baloch [is an] inspiration to ladies who are treated badly… I know you will keep on hating, who cares?” wrote Qandeel, who often referred to herself as a “one-woman army”.

She is derided and feted in equal measure in Pakistan, but the popularity of her videos evidence frustrations of many young people tired of being told how to behave.

She shot to fame in Pakistan in 2014.

Earlier this month, Qandeel released a music video which she starred in alongside little known young singer Aryan Khan. Titled ‘Ban,’ the music video touched on Qandeel’s status as a controversial social media icon, and was provocative given Pakistan’s conservative standards for entertainment.

Days later a man claiming to be Qandeel’s ex-husband made an appearance on TV, saying that Qandeel had a son with him during their brief marriage.

Qandeel confirmed his claims, saying she was forced into the marriage.



My Point if View with these “Morals” and “Honor”


Lately many people with social media viral post , and continue to amaze the follows thus established themself as “social media celebrities” are under big pressure. Expressing one self throgh these social media unlimits the boudries on who to like or dislikes their opinions or ways of doing it. After they make themself viral, many will be suportive and many will not. But this killing over “social embarrassment unbearable for sister’s ‘shameful’ pictures” thing is plain forwarf OUTRAGEOUS and act of a Monster full of Jealousy and Hatred.

TO make it short , here are my “yet worthless worthless opinion” because i know many uneducated selfish self proclaimed “family and society hero” and “defender of the Vitue” are actually plain forward CRIMINAL

  1. If its not ILLEGAL by law in the coutry you resides , then you can just let it be
  2. Family “virtue and Honor” is NOT above the law.
  3. This is 21th century. People should be able to express themself anyway they wanted to. If you still cant except people for what they are ( unless they are people like “egoistic maniac that goes arround killing people because what they did was unhonourable” ) you can go back to your caves and die there alone.
  4. God made man stronger then women so men can protect their family and oves ones and be head of the family. Not the other way around, killing a SISTER that should be protected by the BROTHER but instead killing her over honor? Now where is the honor in doing that? Blood is spilt, life is lost , and What should these people do with their “so called honor” . Learn from the Japanese guys, if you lose you honor, dont make trouble killing someone else because you are a pussy. do a Hara-Kiri and kill your self instead, because in their believe if you are not honorable anymore you are not worthy to be alive and server another day.
  5. Even if these people persistant enough to put the blame on their siblings or family. START ASKING YOURSELF A BIG QUESTION. WHERE WERE YOU WHEN SHE WAS GROWING UP DEVELOPING HER PERSONALITY DURING EARLY AGE? An outcome of a product ( of a family ) is result of the family care and tender love over the years . If you see you kid, son,daughter, younger siblings are doing well. Means you have did your job well. But if you see them as an opposite of what you want them to be, THINK ! is it act of revenge because the family did something wrong? or maybe you we’rent there to be the guide a girl need to have and just be an ignorance a*holes. And all you know is blaming people and hating people when you should be asking yourself ” WHAT d fuq i did wrong and how to fix it “
  6. But then again who am i to judge, im just a school drop out that happens to be a BROTHER of 2 beautiful younger sister, a BROTHER to my younger brother, a SON to my honorable father and loving mother ,and a SUPPORT for a family in need. Im not Pakistani, nor familiar with your custom. But as a HUMAN BEING this must be said and as a HUMAN BEING Mr “i only dare to kill my sister” because “im defending my family and society honor”  , as a God made Human Being , you are LOWER then a murderer, LOWER then a psychopath, Lower then any warm blooded animal i can ever imagine and a Devil sent narrow minded b*stard that disgrace not only the government department you are serving, your family, your coutry and a big discgrace as a man. Most of all, you are a disgrace to  HUMANITY. and this i say as a human to someone whom i see no fit or should not be called nor treated as another human on the legal process. 
  7. All i can see is an act of a brave individual who stood up for what she believes in and an act of a cowardly devil sent brother who are affraid of the society and he would rather do such a cowardly act just to save the trouble of explaining to people why is she doing that and to think what must be done to make her acceptable to public. FAMILY SUPPORTS EACH OTHER through thick and thin and there is no shortcut in life that would make something you disagree on just gone in a matter of seconds. But the good thing i can think of from this news is that where ever she is now, she will be judged for what she was and what she believed in and towards heavenly places whereas the sick brother just sign his lifetime contract as the “a*hole who only dares to kill a girl, a sister and somewone he should be protecting and to failed by his own choice , im pretty sure he just got himself a reward for a one way ticket to a long painful and i HOPE eternal suffering in afterlife.

In Memorance of the brave girl , here are her pictures.

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Be brave of what you are, in what you believe and and what you can achieve in life . Chances dont come twice and dont think of what people think of you ! because you are what you are and God made every single one of us Unique. But sadly he doesnt make the people realize that THE UNIQENESS makes diversity and through diversity we must learn to respect and love one another.





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