sanam baloch picture
sanam baloch picture

Sanam Baloch Picture in Her Happy Marriage

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sanam baloch picture
sanam baloch picture

Sanam Baloch picture is always seen by many people especially her biggest fans. Everyone knows about it, Sanam Baloch is a cute star with natural beauty and good attitude in every step of her. We all know that she has been married Farhat Abdullah about three years ago. They are perfect couple that always look simple in all performance. However, they also looks very happy in the marriage. In the wedding day, we can see how simple the couple is. They held a simple wedding reception without too much glamorous celebration. But it looked fascinating for everyone. The wedding celebration was held privately and less of media expose.

The simplicity of Sanam Baloch and her husband Farhat Abdullah doesn’t mean that they are not happy. Simplicity seems to be the part of their characteristic, they enjoy it and happy to love each other.

The Sanam Baloch Picture in Simple Wedding Day

The wedding day of Sanam Baloch can be said as the first day showing her happiness for choosing to live with her husband. In kinds of Sanam Baloch picture in her wedding day, the married couple looked so happy even they didn’t hold a great wedding celebration. Sanam looked so beautiful wearing a bridal dress in golden color.

The wedding dress looked quite simple; it didn’t look too glamour as a special dress for a wedding reception. Meanwhile, her husband wore white sherwani that looked simple too. However, the wedding celebration was the real them; where they can be themselves in simplicity. Sanam and Farhat looked very happy in the wedding day. Even they didn’t open the event for public and media. Certain invited media could make the interview on the wedding celebration. Then the happy wedding of Sanam was published officially in the next day.

Sanam Baloch Picture after Marriage

The happiness of Sanam Baloch after married with Farhat Abdullah is clearly seen up to today. The happiness is showed in many occasions even they haven’t had a baby yet. In some occasions, Sanam and her husband came together and showed their romance. Like when they were performing Umrah to Mecca. They looked becoming a perfect couple who had religious time together in the house of Allah. They also looked so happy when they were invited in a morning shows on ARY News; singing together while holding hand in hand. Sanam and her husband were also often seen having a trip together. The happiness was seen in some Sanam Baloch picture with her husband during the holiday trip.

There are many more pictures that show the happiness of Sanam Baloch after her marriage in three years ago. In many times, Sanam Baloch was together with her husband in great happiness. It was lovely and the fans always loved to see the couple when they were together in happiness. If you are also a big fan of Sanam Baloch, you can find many kinds of Sanam Baloch picture that are showing the happiness of the couple after their marriage on many websites.


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