korean pictures actors
korean pictures actors

5 Enchanting Korean Pictures Actors

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Korean pictures actors become the barometer determining the most handsome actor in Korea. K Pop fever is happening now making teens searching the pictures of Korean actors. There are some cute and handsome Korean actors that can become your idol. The handsome face is combined by cool talent being the most effective interest for K Pop lovers. Here is the list of enchanting Korean actors.

korean pictures actors
korean pictures actors

Lee Min Ho

The first handsome Korean picture actor is Lee Min Ho. He is a Korean actor born in Heukseok-dong, Dongjak District, South Korean on June 22th 1987. He starred many film titles and Korean dramas like Boys before Flowers, Our School, The Heirs and many more. The popularity of being the multitalented cool Korean actor has been proved with the presence of many fans of Lee Min Ho in all over the world. Even, in China the number of Lee Min Ho fans reaches more than 27.000.000 joined in Weibo social media. This is not surprising because he is very close to his fans, Minoz (Lee Min Ho fans community). He also got some achievements in film and drama in South Korea.

Lee Seung Gi

Korea is famous for the handsome and charming actors. The women cannot refuse to get close to those actors. One of famous Korean pictures actors is Lee Seung Gi. He is Yoona SNSD’s boyfriend getting ready on the singing in 2016. Actually, the making process of Lee Seung Gi’s album was being started in 2014. But, because of his business with his new film, Today’s Love, the finishing process of his album was postponed.

Choi Siwon

The next name of Korean actor is Choi Siwon. The handsome actor was born on February 10th 1987. He is one of members of Super Junior, a famous Korean boy band making him so famous in all over the world. After he has satisfied on singing, he tried to join in acting. He has some roles in some film and drama titles. In addition to be cute, cool, and handsome, Siwon is kindhearted. It is like Lee Min Ho, the artists from SM Entertainment always concern on social life like helping the victims of earthquake.

Bi Rain

Rain is a Korean singer and actor as well. He is very handsome and also multitalented. He had launched some albums being a solo singer. He starred some television drama titles and films being box office in South Korea. He also had worked and teamed up with a production house in Hollywood to produce a Hollywood movie entitled Ninja Assassins. He can both dance and sing. Even, he directs his television drama.

Kim Soo-Hyun

Together with Lee Min Hoo, Kim Soo-Hyun becomes the most happening actor in Asia. It cannot be separated from dramas that he starred. He has natural handsome look and cute face. He is successful in Korean entertainment industry. In childhood, Kim is a shy boy so that everyone gets surprised that he becomes an actor. He enrolled in acting class to reduce his shy character. Finally, he is successful to be an actor, model, and commercial break stars. Those are some names of Korean pictures actors.


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