cousins quotes
cousins quotes

Cousins Quotes for Happy Birthday Wishes

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Cousins quotes can become great option of words to wish Happy Birthday to your beloved cousins. The special words will make you expressing your true love to cousins because the best gift for everyone is the true love from the people surrounding them. To make a quote for cousins, you can create some beautiful words that certainly express your feeling in heart. If you isn’t smart enough to make the quotes, you can copy and paste the quotes below instead. You can write the words on a card and touch your cousin’s heart with the beautiful quotes.

cousins quotes
cousins quotes

The Cousins Quotes for Birthday Card

If you always write some common words of Happy Birthday wishes, this is the right time to make it more special. You can write some cousins quotes on the card and it must be heartier. If you don’t have any idea to write as the quotes, some ideas below may help;

–       You are a cousin that becomes the best gift in my life. You always inspire me in all your way. Wish you have a wonderful birthday celebration and hopefully you can become the inspiration of all people.

–       For all of us, you are the real blessing. You always can make us happy to have you as a cousin. Happy Birthday and know that we will be always here to love you all the time.

–       Happy Birthday my beloved cousin. You are the one who always brings the happiness and joy. May you get all things you wish in this life.

–       If wish I could bring a very special gift of immortality for you, so you and I could live forever. Happy birthday my lovely cousin, wish you all the best.

–       Dear my beloved cousin, this is your birthday, may you will grow wiser and achieved all of your dreams you work for that long. I will be the first one grateful to your success.

Make Cousins Quotes with an Image

Making some cousin quotes as a happy birthday wish must be more interesting and special if you add an image to increasingly beautify the words. You can make it in some options of media. The most instant way is by using a certain application that allow you to use an image and add some words on it. Such application is commonly used by Android phone users to make a funny profile picture and also other functions. Choose the best image that will be perfectly fit to the words of the quotes and then write the quotes. You can send the image through email, social media, or print it out to make it as a birthday wish card.

On the other hand, you can also make the image by using editing software like Photoshop. Take a free image that you think perfectly fit for the quotes. Edit the picture in the right size and resolution as well as write the quote words in nice editing look. Then you can print the image out before you can give it to your beloved cousin as a gift and lovely cousins quotes in his/ her birthday.


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